What are the best iPad apps for dieting, nutrition and exercise?

What are the best Apple iPad apps for someone that’s interested in healthy living? (diet, nutrition, exercise, bodybuilding/weight lifting) Are there any apps that are good for tracking exercise routines and repetitions, while maybe some are good for tracking fat or calories in popular foods one might eat?

Apple has a great application for diet and exercise which has graphs, charts and tables which help you to keep track of your overall nutritional values as well as calorie counting. It is like it is advertised and can be used as a personal dietitian.

This particular Apple application is called the Diet & Exercise Assistant. The Diet & Exercise Assistant works on the users personal information and overall daily input by allowing the user to choose their own diet plan type and also allows the user to enter everything they consume. The application automatically works out the daily nutritional values of each meal and drink and will alert the user if they are having enough or too much, as well as realistic effects on the body relating to daily exercise. The application is also able to help the user keep track of their blood pressure and body fat percentage and also suggests a couple of hundred different exercise possibilities. The other great point to this diet and exercise application is that it keeps an eye on your daily spending food budget and helps you see what you are really spending on food each day. It is easy to use a quite informative.

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Another great app is Nutri-Find, it works for both ipad and iphone. The app has a huge database and shows all the nutrients. It includes an advanced search that allows searching by category, names and/or quantity of nutrient values. It also allows sorting by any nutrient… say you want to find the foods highest in vitamin d, or calcium or whatever… just sort the result.

I have 3 different nutrition apps, like this the best.

According to Apple, the best selling nutrition app for iPad is called Nutrition Facts for iPad. This app will help you keep track of calories and allow you to search nutrition data for your favorite foods and also restaurant menu items. They also include fast foods. You can download this app at iTunes for $2.99 and you can keep your iPad with you so you can keep track of your diet. It also assists you with reaching your weight loss goal and your daily nutrition and intake. By using this app, you can make healthy food choices and therefore be healthier.

Another fitness app for the iPad is called the MyNetDiary. This app has great ways to manage your weight and has great fitness tools. It contains a database with over 100,000 foods’ nutrient information. It is very user friendly and allows you to enter the foods that you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

One of these apps should be perfect for your nutrition needs. Good luck!

Calorie Tracker is an incredibly handy free app from livestrong.com. Users can look up and track daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake.
40.30.30 iPhone app will calculate the percentage of carbs, protein, and fats in your meal.
There is a free alternative app to iPump. It was created by Exercise Physiologist, Declan Condron. It features two full body workouts targeting major muscle groups, as well as sample exercises from each of the other iPump apps.It lets users listen to music, watch video demonstrations for each exercise, and record activity to a workout log as they go.

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